About us

We have been here for all children since 2006. Our nursery is located in a quiet location in Žilina (in a house) surrounded by greenery, off the main road, with the possibility of parking in the yard.

The children have the entire house just for themselves. We provide care for children from 6 months to 3 years of age.
Parents’ impression of our facility is very important. That is why we’ve been trying to make the nurseries attractive for children (enough toys, room color, and decoration), to create cozy and tasteful surroundings that will indirectly inspire children toward aesthetic feelings and conditions them for various activities.

Our services

Upon initial contact, you will learn about the way we work and an all-day children’s program. We draw attention to the adaptation difficulties all children have and we advise on how to make this difficult period for the child as easy as possible. We make the effort to gain parental trust through our responsible approach (approach to work and to parents) and we teach children to cooperate in a group.

We place great emphasis on healthy, rational, balanced food for children from the earliest age, prepared in accordance with the HACCP. program. We strive to achieve optimal motor and social and emotional level in children, to direct parents toward further professional counseling, also with other professionals like a pediatrician, speech therapist, psychologist… (if necessary). There is the complex development of a child’s personality in the psychological, cognitive social, emotional and moral aspect under the qualified guidance of health and professional staff. In the nursery the child has a seat assigned to him/her during his/her stay in the facility.

Emphasis is placed on general work with children, joint education and the overall physiological maturation of the child, ensuring a natural and non-violent transition to higher education (kindergarten). It is one of the important objectives of our facility and the second important objective is to develop the intellectual and motor skills of our children. We offer English lessons in the most acceptable form for children (games, songs, physical activities…)

We offer children’s celebrations (birthdays, name days, International Children´s Day, St. Nicholas Day) with a small gift from us in the group of children. We carry out various activities with the children (drawing, manual work, singing, dance and exercise…); every day we read fairy tales and educational literature.

We also offer the child’s acquisition of self-reliance in hygienic and dietary habits. Our educational attitude toward the child must be harmonious, including the physical, intellectual, emotional, moral, working and aesthetic area. By impacting on a child, we want to reach out for his/her to take a stand on everything new which we bring to his/her life with interest, expectation of what is good and thoughtfulness to others, to find his/her truth but also compromise with and acknowledge his/her mistake, to be open to the world, people, to be able to take into account the needs and interests of others. Treat others in a friendly and confident manner is also important. All of this creates conditions for proper adaptability in life. Harmony of the child’s needs on the one hand and our caring behavior on the other. If such a relationship works, the child accepts us as his/her person.

A high hygienic standard, regular disinfection of toys, the environment and the entire facility (UV lamp, hot steam, safe disinfectants).
The competence of the staff and leadership personnel creates not only conscious but also entertaining activities for the children.

Children are admitted to the facility throughout the year.

Daily program

Time Activity
07:00 08:30 The arrival of children in the nursery
08:30 09:15 Brunch, hygiene
09:15 11:15 Educational and physical activities, playing outside at fresh air
11:15 12:00 Personal hygiene, lunch
12:00 14:30 Sleep, waking up, personal hygiene
14:30 15:00 Tea time, hygiene
15:00 16:00 Playing inside or outside, returning kids to parents


Payment Price              Note
Monthly 280 EUR Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family provides a contribution of 280 Eur
Food 2,39 EUR meal and drinking regimen for the whole day
Daily 15,50 EUR after a personal interview
other services are provided after a personal interview and mutual agreement with the parents

Children are admitted to the facility throughout the year.


Working hours 7:00 - 16:00
Operator Jozef Bublík
Juraja Fándlyho 2195 / 36
010 01 Žilina
Contact Mobile: 0917 247 434
Mobile: 0915 313 008
Residence Alexandra Rudnaya 2556 / 20
010 01 Žilina